About Catherine

Catherine Heath
I’m a freelance writer from Manchester. I’m a blogging sensei, addicted to copywriting. I adamantly believe in ditching the jargon – just give me plain writing.

I’m mad about diversity and inclusion in tech. It’s how we can make sure the industry is relevant and accessible for everyone.

By integrating the principles of of psychology, the full range of human values, and a commitment to self-development, we can stop it becoming so dangerously one-dimensional.

Part of that mission is writing content that people from all walks of life will love.

The value of marketing

Good marketing means communicating your unique message to a mass audience. It means connecting deeply with them and moving them.

I help SaaS companies to attract curious audiences and transform them into quality customers – by creating addictive, compelling blog posts.

What I write is different to most other content out there. I use my own philosophical slant to imbue each post with added depth. I also write in a way that strikes right at the heart.

Why the SaaS industry

It’s not about churning out marketing fluff.

For SaaS companies, it’s about steadily nurturing an authentic, long-term relationship with your customers – by publishing enthralling content.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with some great brands like Canva and Kayako. I help them generate more traffic and more leads.

My clients promote their products with insightful, actionable content that really solves their customers’ problems.


My background

Working professionally in digital showed me exactly how companies work.

Through community courses, I learnt to code with some fantastic software developers. This gave me genuine technical experience in the field of software engineering.

I’ve collaborated with many freelance SaaS clients. Some of them have been my partners for years. What can I say… they love working with me!

That’s why I’m the blogger who can help your business grow.

I keep myself very busy with client projects. It’s rare for me to have an opening to work with someone new. Please inquire about my rates and availability – I’ll always try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Use the form below to message me, or email catherine@awaywithwords.co.


Away with Words is my freelance writing business.

I’m a content and brand strategist. I use my expertise to provide my clients with content marketing direction for their blogs.

I’m a content writer. I provide regular, quality content for clients to help them build their SEO strategy and move customers up the sales funnel.

I’m a social media specialist. I build and engage with online communities on behalf of my clients.

I go to exciting events and conferences in the UK and internationally – relating to tech, coding, documentation. I share my experiences on my blog.

I publish useful resources. They’re aimed at SaaS companies and individuals interested in SaaS, coding and marketing.

I’m learning to code in JavaScript.

Get in touch with me today to find out how I can contribute to your growing content strategy. 


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